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Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Top 10 Twitter Trends for Saturday, September 18, 2010

Twitter Trend: #IHaveAFriend
Explanation: People talking about the good and bad friends they have.

Twitter Trend: #MomsAlwaysToldMe
Explanation: Things everyone’s mom said to them when they were growing up.

Twitter Trend: Avalanche colorida
Explanation: Portuguese for “Avalanche Color” and refers to the Brazilian band Restart. They, and their fans, dress in colorful clothes so it is meant both as a compliment and said disparagingly.

Twitter Trend: Faustão morreu
Explanation: Faustão is a popular TV host from Brazil. There were rumors of his death on Saturday but they were untrue.

Twitter Trend: Yom Kippur
Explanation: Yom Kippur, known as the Day of Atonement, is a sacred day for the Jews. Jews fast in order to purify themselves and be written in the Book Of Life for the next (Jewish) year. The holiday began Friday, September 17th at sundown.

Twitter Trend: #UglyNames
Explanation: People are suggesting names (famous ones as well as ordinary ones) which they believe are the ugliest names they know.

Twitter Trend: Great North Run
Explanation: UK’s biggest half marathon is taking place on Sunday, September 19th. Participants run between Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields.

Twitter Trend: International Talk Like
Explanation: September 19th marks the annual observance of “International Talk Like A Pirate Day.”

Twitter Trend: Labordeta
Explanation: José Antonio Labordeta, Spanish singer-songwriter, has reportedly passed away at the age of 75.

Twitter Trend: #VerifyStudioMama
Explanation: Justin Bieber’s fans want his mother’s account to be verified by Twitter.


Friday, September 17, 2010

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Top 10 Twitter Trends for Thursday, September 16, 2010

Twitter Trend: #NewTwitter
Explanation: Twitter is introducing a new, re-engineered website design & rolling out its features to users over the next few weeks. There will be the standard user timeline but underneath each Tweet is additional information and even embedded media (videos/photos). If you click on an individual Tweet, a details pane will slide to the right to reveal this extra content:

Twitter Trend: #ReallyMeans
Explanation: Twitter users explain what the things they say really mean.

Twitter Trend: #ICanDoWithout
Explanation: People tweet things they don’t need.

Twitter Trend: Erenice Guerra
Explanation: Erenice Guerra, the Brazilian president’s chief of staff, quit her post Thursday following the emergence of allegations earlier in the week that members of her family participated in an influence-peddling scheme involving government contracts.

Twitter Trend: LuanSantanaAdrenalina
Explanation: Luan Santana is a 19 year old Brazilian singer who has released two albums. His new record is called Adrenaline.

Twitter Trend: #Happy18thBDayNickJ
Explanation: Nick Jonas is 18 on Sept. 16, 2010.

Twitter Trend: Pope
Explanation: Pope Benedict XVI [16th], head of the Roman Catholic Church, is visiting the United Kingdom for the first time on the 16th Sept until the 19th Sept, 2010. People are tweeting about him and the recent sexual abuse scandals that threaten to overshadow his visit as well as their own opinions and feelings towards The Pope.

Twitter Trend: #SuJuIsTheBest
Explanation: Fans of the Korean band Super Junior are proclaiming it the best band.

Twitter Trend: IE9
Explanation: The Internet Explore 9 Beta now available for download:

Twitter Trend: BoaSorteRestart
Explanation: Wishing the band Restart good luck on tonight’s MTV Video Music Brazil.

Monday, September 13, 2010

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Top 10 Twitter Trends for Sunday, September 12, 2010

Twitter Trend: Jared Leto
Explanation: Singer of the band 30 Seconds To Mars which won the 2010 MTV VMA Best Rock Video for “Kings and Queens”.

Twitter Trend: Dear Taylor Swift
Explanation: People are writing Tweets as if they were letters and sharing their thoughts & opinions about the premiere of her latest song, “Innocent” at the 2010 MTV VMAs.

Twitter Trend: Tio Guto Bundudo
Explanation: Portuguese for “Uncle Guto Butt”. There is a very long explanation involving pop culture personalities in Brazil, Brazilian TV shows and an exchange of Tweets. But it is basically a Brazilian Twitter joke.

Twitter Trend: PowerPuff Girls
Explanation: People are talking about their favorite memories of the PowerPuff Girls and their favorite character from the show. The trend originally started trending on Saturday, Sept. 11th, when the show aired on TRANS7, one of Indonesia’s TV stations. But it trended all weekend long.

Twitter Trend: #CartoonsIWillNeverForget
Explanation: People tweet about cartoons they will always remember from their childhood.

Twitter Trend: Lip Synching
Explanation: Users are speculating over which singers/rappers were lip synching at the MTV VMAs Sunday, Sept. 12th.

Twitter Trend: Everybody Hates Restart
Explanation: As a reaction to Restart’s fans’ trends, users are expressing their dislike of the Brazilian band.

Twitter Trend: MTV VMA/VMAs
Explanation: People are tweeting their opinions of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards that aired on Sunday, Sept. 12th., commenting on winners, appearances, clothing and songs sung during the telecast.

Explanation: It means “Shut up Colorful” in reference to the fans of the Brazilian band ‘Restart’. It is a reaction to the frequent Trending Topics saying how great the band members are.

Twitter Trend: Claude Chabrol
Explanation: Claude Chabrol, film director and member of the French New Wave group of film-makers, has died at the age 80.

Data Source: What The Trend