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Monday, September 20, 2010

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Top 10 Twitter Trends for Sunday, September 19, 2010

Twitter Trend: #BecauseImAGangsta
Explanation: People are saying outrageous things and justifying them by claiming that they’re “Gangsters”.

Twitter Trend: Boardwalk Empire
Explanation: Boardwalk Empire is a new series premiering on HBO:

Twitter Trend: #IReallyThink
Explanation: People are sharing what they truly feel about things (either honestly or ironically).

Twitter Trend: #IHaveAFriend
Explanation: People talking about the good and bad friends they have.

Twitter Trend: Brazil♥JustinBieber Brazil♥USmile
Explanation: Brazilian fans love Justin Bieber and want him to tour there.

Twitter Trend: Luan Santana morreu
There was a rumor that Brazilian singer Luan Santana had died. It was another death hoax by some Brazilian users.

Twitter Trend: TeAmoBieber♥ SpanishSpeakers♥Biebs
Explanation: Spanish-speaking fans of Justin Bieber are expressing their devotion for the Canadian singer.

Twitter Trend: Jeepers Creepers
Explanation: A scary movie from 2001 which was airing on TV:

Twitter Trend: Hate Mondays
Explanation: People expressing their dislike for Monday, the first workday of the week for most people.

Twitter Trend: CHUPA PORCADA
Explanation: São Paulo football team beat Palmeiras in the Brazilian Championship. “Porcada” means a sow pig in Portuguese and is a nickname for the team. “Chupa” means “suck it.”


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