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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Twitter Trend: Angola
Explanation: In its Monday game of the FIBA World Championship, USA moved into the Quarterfinals when it bested Angola, 121-66:

Twitter Trend: One Less Lonely Boy
Explanation: On the last concert of his summer tour, Justin Bieber’s crew pulled a prank on him. When he sang “One Less Lonely Girl” (which he usually sings to a female fan from the audience), they had him sing to a large man wearing a tiara:

Twitter Trend: Transport/#TubeStrike/Tube/Strike/TLF
Explanation: Millions of Londoners have been attempting to travel home amid a major Tube strike affecting nearly all its lines.  Services on all but the Northern Line were suspended or delayed in the first in a series of 24-hour strikes. TLF stands for Transport For London:

Twitter Trend:  Luana Piovani
Explanation: Luana Piovani is a Brazilian actress & model. Popular Twitter user Rafinha Bastos Tweeted: “The Brazilian Congress has recently approved an amendment to Maria da Penha law: She ñ is valid + p / Luana Piovani.” Maria da Penha law is a Brazilian law against domestic abuse.

Twitter Trend: Engels
Explanation: Engels is the Dutch word that translates to “‘English.” It might refer to student language examinations.

Twitter Trend: Cliquem/#octanefx
Explanation: A link passing through Twitter that reportedly is a virus. Cliquem is Portuguese for “click”.

Twitter Trend: Homepage/Doodle
Explanation: This trend refers to Google’s animated homepage for September 7th which features animated colored dots moving around the page:

Twitter Trend: Hoarders/#Hoarders/Sir Patrick
Explanation: Hoarders is a reality show on the cable channel A&E about people who compulsively collect items and are unable to throw things away. Sir Patrick was featured on the Season 3 opener. He collected dolls, art, crystal and other “pretty things.”

Twitter Trend: Barnaby
Explanation: Barnaby Joyce is a Senator from Queensland for the National Party of Australia. He is involved with the debate about national broadband network (NBN) for rural areas of Australia.

Twitter Trend: Admiral Ackbar
Explanation: Ole Miss students nominated Admiral Ackbar (from Star Wars) to become their mascot.


Written by Liz Pullen

September 7, 2010 at 3:46 PM

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